European coasts and climate change: biodiversity response and new management strategies in coastal environment

The international EUCC-France conference organized at Biarritz has gathered more than an hundred of participants, from 6 countries. Conferences by decision-makers, manager and scientists, workshops and debates sessions about the response of the biodiversity to climatic changes and the coastal management for erosion and submersion risks in Europe, took place during these two days. This event also allowed the launch of the new head office of EUCC-France and the new European center both settled at Biarritz in association with the Centre de la Mer de Biarritz.

We thank Michel Veunac, Mayor of Biarritz, for his warm welcome.

Thanks to all people involved in this conference.

Presentations discussed during the conference are now available:

Opening of the conference (22nd of June)

Laure Ledoux (Deputy Head of Unit-B2-Biodiversity, DG Environment, European Commission): European coasts, Biodiversity and climate change, the EU Policy Context

Yvonne Battiau-Queney (president of EUCC-France) : EUCC-FRANCE
network of European coasts.

Scientific conferences (22nd of June) :

Gilles Boeuf (professor at the Pierre and Marie Curie University, President of the French National Museum of Natural History): Coastlines to climate-proof

Jean-Paul Vanderlinden (professor of economic science at the universities of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines and Paris Saclay): Perceptions, representations, coastal risks, and adaptation strategies.

Debate session : biodiversity (23rd of June)

Leon Terlouw, (Advisor Nature and Recreation, PWN) : Sustainable climate-resilient management of the Zuid-Kennemerland National Park’s dunes (The Netherlands)

Marie-Noëlle de Casamajor, (IFREMER) : New species of marine fishes as indicator of climate change.

Guillemette Rolland (representative of the Conservatoire du Littoral Aquitaine): De poldarisation of the Île Nouvelle (Gironde, France): monitoring and management of the landscape biodiversity evolution

Ángel Borja, (AZTI-Tecnalia): The consequences of global climate change for complying with Marine Strategy Framework Directive Indicators: results from DEVOTES project (Spain)

Debate session : Coastal risks, erosion and submersion (23rd of June)

Elli Mac Donald, (Living with a Changing Coast Project Manager, National Trust.): Engaging communities in coastal and climate change in Poole Harbour (UK)

Fatima Lopes Alves and João Soares, (Department of Environment and planning & CESAM, University of Aveiro, Portugal): Coastal zone adaptation strategies to climate change in Portugal: the example of center region

Laurent Peyrondet, (Mayor of Lacanau) and Martin Renard, (Planning and Environment officer): Which adaptation strategies to coastal erosion risks for a seaside resort? The example of Lacanau in the Gironde department (France)

Stéphane Raison, (Chairman of the Management Board of Dunkirk Major Sea Port): Dunkirk Major Sea Port: a sustainable manager for the North department’s coastline (France)

Loïc Gouguet, (Head of the “Mission –littoral”, National Forest Office): Management of the risks of erosion and the natural processes: two examples on the Atlantic coast (France)

This symposium was supported by the European Union, the Région Aquitaine, the Département des Pyrénées-Atlantiques, the Communauté de Communes Côte Basque Adour and the city-council of Biarritz.

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